About Me

I am a proud graduate of St. Olaf College, living in Minneapolis and working for a small St. Paul journalism nonprofit. I am inspired by the creative people around me, dedicated to the arts, and driven by a passion for reading and writing. Welcome to my blog!

(August 2011) This summer has brought a number of significant changes to my life, and along with many of these transitions…immense frustration, chaos, and stress. Most often, when I become disheartened or overwhelmed I retreat into solitude and introspection, in order to find some strength, or maybe answers, within. This year I’m going to try to do things differently, to look outside of myself for inspiration and new occasions for optimism.

Regardless of the year’s inevitable challenges, I will be positively and continuously surrounded by people and things that serve as cause for celebration, happiness, contemplation, and hope. With this understanding, I am making a conscious effort to focus–individually and intentionally–on “la bella piccoli pezzi”, the beautiful little pieces, the small things in my life that bring me joy.

My inspiration for this endeavor comes from my remarkably talented, thoughtful, and creative friend Caroline. She writes a blog entitled “Good Things,” and every post makes me jealous of her life, and grateful she’s in mine. Generous as always, Caroline invited me to duplicate her practice of visually and textually recognizing life’s “good things”. I dedicate this blog to her, acknowledging the obvious fact that she is one of the most important, beautiful pieces of my life.

In whole, the process of blogging serves mainly as my own means of reflection and restoration, but I will always welcome the interest and insight of others. If you’d care to read my posts, please do. If you want to tell me about something beautiful in your life, I’d love that. I ultimately titled my blog “Bella Piccoli Pezzi” because my experiences in Italy gave me access to a different mindset and a new perspective–states of being that I certainly can’t achieve or uphold on my own. Prego!


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